Social-Driven Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Using your brands strengths we tailor engaging messages strategically on a number of social networks. These messages are designed to reach new customer bases and tighten existing customer bases.

Search Engine Marketing

For instant impact we put your business, service, product or event directly in front of your target audience using paid ads in search enginers (PPC) and social platforms. For sustainable impact we audit and optimize (SEO) your web presence so you can build ceiling-free organic traffic.

Content Marketing

Content is still king (or queen!). We create high performing and relevant custom content that best reflects your brand. Our content helps drive your organic, social and paid search goals.

Location-based Marketing

Businesses with physical stores benefit from using social Wi-Fi, geo-fencing, and other location-based marketing. Location-based marketing bridges the physical customer with your digital campaign by capturing and engaging your walk in customers.

Relationship Marketing

We use relationship marketing to drive better customer reviews, customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement. Our concepts and tools help your business retain happy and returning customers.

Creative Media

Our team excels in generating a brand positive impact using creatives in our digital campaigns. We understand the power of story telling for your brand via imagery and videos.


Not sure what you need, looking for direction or advice for your in-house team? Pick our brains! We know what drives results and client awards prove that. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, national brands, and our true love, small business. We’re partners and collaborators, let’s work together and help you meet your goals!


Who We Are.

A 3BL Company, “People, Planet, Profits”. Hover over the images below to see some of our attributes.

We are Community

We work with companies and clients on a first-name basis. We understand the power of the human network. From our #TosaTalks podcast to our every meal of the day, we’re in touch the right people in the right network to deliver fresh results for your business and your community.

(Pictured: Our Office Building & Artist Who Painted It, Ivan Roque)

We Attract Talent

Our team takes you and your brand seriously. We’re fun, but results driven and want you to know that upfront. That’s why we have the talent that we do and want you to tap into that for your benefit and ours. Let us attract talent and spread the wealth. We’re in it for the long haul, in it to win it!

We are Winners

When your business works with a top talent marketing agency such as Mention Marketing, you’ll enjoy year over year performance results. The proof is our clients regularly earning distinguished industry awards.

(Home of two #Future50 award winners and Biz Times in-kind Media Winner.

We are Collaborative

Our team is skilled in integration between different marketing and technology systems you use and the different teams you employ. Businesses and technology are complicated. Let us help you de-tangle and streamline your operations.

We are Dedicated

Every single team member is prepared to go above and beyond to get the job done and done so your campaign is successful. When you join us as a client, you become family.

(Pictured: We love for people to live their best lives. No judgement!)

We are Creative

We find inspiration in all corners of life and employ these insights into successful advertising campaigns. We think outside the box and while using current best practices, but also value forward thinking to forecast future paradigms and strategies.


All-Star Values.

We are a mission-based marketing agency located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
We’ve worked with the world’s biggest brands, share in that success.



300% carbon offset website, 100% sustainable business practices


Eagle Scout Founder, Military Support Staff


We tune the dial to 11


Our people, our data, all driven by integrity

Latest News.

The latest creative news from our studio in Milwaukee.


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