Find Out If Its Valuable To Invest In Facebook Ads?

September 19, 2018 Mention Marketing

For many Filament’s clients, Facebook ads are a simple, affordable way to get in front of a larger, targeted audience. Although our current clients see a benefit from Facebook ads, we realize that business owners still have a lot of questions about this method of advertising on social media. Below, we summarize the top questions we hear and how we leverage this tool.

#1: Why Should I Use Facebook Ads?

Invest In Facebook Ads Filament

You’re able to target the audience you’d like to reach for a fraction of what you would pay for a billboard, print, radio, or T.V. ad. Also, you can measure results, spot trends, and adjust your campaigns as necessary.

Know that your target audience makes x amount per year, lives in x area of Milwaukee, or is in x age group? Perfect – just select these parameters when you run your Facebook ad. Facebook grants you access to members of social media that aren’t already fans of your page through this platform.

Facebook has over 2 billion users (yes, you read that right) each month. Imagine the possibilities for your business if you were able to reach thousands of potential customers where they hang out every day.

#2: I’ve Tried Facebook Ads In The Past And It Didn’t Work – What Did I Do Wrong?

Invest In Facebook Ads Filament

Are you taking the necessary time to design an ad that draws attention with quality imagery, eye-catching copy writing, and a call-to-action? Did you set the right campaign objectives?

Also, did you give yourself time to experiment with the process and note which methods produce results for your business? Is your target audience too broad?

Lastly – it’s important to understand what the biggest benefit of Facebook ads is, and make sure your expectations are reasonable. The biggest strength Facebook ads can offer is brand awareness or branding, which is exactly how Filament helps clients grow their businesses.

#3: So How Does Filament Use Facebook Ads For Marketing Clients?

Invest In Facebook Ads Filament

Building awareness around you, the owner, your product or service, your team, and even your business’ culture. As consumers, we buy from brands that we know well and building brand awareness moves your business up to “top of mind” for customers. The more they are acquainted and satisfied with your service, they’ll continue their loyalty and help you grow with word-of-mouth advertising.

As you can see, building brand awareness has a big picture effect on your small business and it’s smart to invest early. 

Last week, we published an ad campaign for a client that saw a 41% increase in website traffic from it. Not only is that a great way to spend $20, there’s proof that these visitors liked what they saw and stayed on the website. The average time spent on this client’s website the week of their ad was almost 3 minutes. That’s pretty impressive when you consider 55% of website visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a site, according to this article.

Invest In Facebook Ads Filament

One simple Google search will turn up pages upon pages of information about Facebook Ads. It’s no wonder that there’s confusion surrounding the topic. For most small business owners, this is an intense amount of information that isn’t useful for the scale of marketing they’re doing. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “Find Out If Its Valuable To Invest In Facebook Ads?”!

Are you ready to build familiarity with your brand, but would rather not spend endless hours researching Facebook advertising and paid ads? Reach out to us here. We can talk through your specific marketing needs, business goals, and figure out which approach is right for you.